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Bandhavgarh AccommodationBandhavgarh AccommodationBandhavgarh AccommodationBandhavgarh Accommodation

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Back to the Wild : Wildlife
South India has ample safari options, allowing for motor boat safaris where you can see the wonderful water birds,or the crocodiles,Wild Elephants bathing or swimming.
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The secret of Bandhavgarh lies within itself. Hidden in the middle of the jungles, lies a piece of history now left for nature to appreciate. Here you will not only find the wild but remains of an ancient civilization.

Must Dos

  • Take at least four safari drives in Bandhavgarh National Park, which has the highest density of Bengal tigers, and learn about the tiger conservation programme.
  • Visit the historic Badhavgarh Fort (over 2000 years old).
  • Enjoy the natural surroundings by listening to the numerous bird calls, enjoying the smells and sounds of the forest, and watching the skies get an orange-golden hue while you enjoy the evening walks -- or just sit -- around the lodge.

Activities in and Around the City

Jeep safari through the jungles of Bandhavgarh
½ day (recommended stay is 2-3 nights)
Get a sense of the rich wildlife and enjoy the scenic landscape with your camera on click mode
Who said safari trips were treacherous? On the contrary, our safaris (done in 4x4 jeeps) ensure that your trip into the wild is exclusive, promising the best sighting of the wildlife while also manoeuvring sturdily through the tricky terrain. Our recommendation would be to do at least four jeep safari tours; two everyday, early morning and early evening. While sighting of the Bengal tiger -- quenching its thirst at the waterhole, tearing at an animal carcass, cleaning its paws, flirting with the tigress, playing with the cubs or just enjoying the sunshine -- are images worth capturing not just in the camera but also your memory, the journey through the jungle as your eye gazes at the rich flora and fauna becomes even more memorable. In a bid to sensitise guests, we encourage you to learn more about the tiger conservation programmes and the challenges that the big cat faces today.


Revisiting ancient history: a trip to the Bandhavgarh Fort
2-4 hours
A walking tour that exposes you to the rich history and culture of a bygone era

To reach the historic Bandhavgarh Fort, you need to cross marshy swamps, grasslands and water bodies. Dotted with rock images, temples and other statues and monuments, this walking tour (moderate to difficult) journey offers the best sights even before you reach the destination. Many of the rock images (Sesh Saya, being one of the most fascinating statues in ancient India) go back to the 10th century and mythologically speaking, Bandhavgarh Fort even finds more than just a passing reference in the rich text of Ramayana. Our guide will ensure that you don't miss any of the rock statues, including the famous one of the reclining Vishnu god, seven-meter high Narasimha (half-man half-lion) statue, besides other ancient figurines depicted from the animal world. The best part of this walking tour: viewing the surrounding area of the Bandhavgarh National Park from the fort. Soak in the sunshine, breathe in the clean air, close your eyes briefly and when you open them, watch how the world before your eyes looks so serene, so calm, so peacful.

Cycling or walking through the neighbouring villages of Bandhavgarh
1-2 hours
A peep into the rural life of an Indian village through a mix of walking and cycling.

Exploring destinations is incomplete if you don't interact with the locals there. So, pick up a cycle or simply trudge along the craggy path that leads you right into the lanes and bylanes of some of the nearest villages with mudhouses near Bandhavgarh. Though there’s not much to shop at the local market, you can check it out and get your regular day-to-day items in case it’s required. Our guide will be by your side to ensure that your journey to the village is safe, secure and a happy one.


The bird sights
1-2 hours
A walking tour through the thicket of the Bandhavgarh National Park to sight the myriad avian species

Will the mynah reply to the kingfisher or will the owl’s hoot be an answer to a warbler? If you were to listen closely, could there be a possibility of listening to a yellow woodpecker tapping away at the bark of a tree? The trick to hear the chirpy sounds of the numerous avian species in the forest of Bandhavgarh is to take the guided walking tour of the national park, keep absolutely silent, bring out the binoculours and watch and hear every movement of these fabulous birds. Listen closely: apart from your heartbeat, the crushing sound of the dried leaves under your footsteps, you will hear some of the best sounds that Mother Nature has given us..

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