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It is the heart of Hinduism and the cycle of life. Varanasi will open its doors and show you the truth that lies within this country. This city is definitely going to leave an impression and you will be mesmerized with all it has to offer.


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Walks, treks, cycling, yoga, adventure sports and more.

Rajasthan: Off Roading through Rajasthan

The adventures of Rajasthan are more exhilarating with the opportunity to self-drive a 4x4 vehicle through the patchy sand dunes of Rajasthan. Spend either a day driving through the surrounding villages of Jodhpur or two to six days on the road driving from different destinations, visiting villages on the way. The drives depart from Jodhpur and, depending on the length of your itinerary, continue around the circuit to Jaisalmer and back. You have the option of spending nights in either the luxury Swiss tents or heritage hotels.
experience encounters asia
As you drive through the dunes, your day will stretch only to be filled with different activities. You will visit certain tribal communities, see local handicraftsman and their work and drive past witnessing the wildlife of the region. When the hunger pangs hit, a picnic lunch is laid out and you can enjoy your meal and then take a short nap before you experience the dunes again. The drives will be escorted by a pilot vehicle and you will also have an experienced organizer with you at all times to give advice or driving tips in difficult situations. Drivers must have either Indian or International Driver's License.

experience encountersasiaActivities to chose from:
  • Driving through the heart of Rajasthan - In sturdy 4x4 jeeps, which help you withstand the heat, sun and craggy routes, the adventure of driving through the warm Indian state of Rajasthan and experiencing its landscape is blissful. The sights of local men in colourful turbans with their decorated camels on the roads, the rows of green thorny cacti dotting the warm earth, the giggles of local women dressed in their traditional attire complete with oxidized jewellery, intricate thread-work on their outfits, the heat, the dust, the tan you acquire… Rajasthan is incredible, waiting to be discovered by you.

  • Visiting nearby villages in rural Rajasthan - To discover Rajasthan better, it’s a good idea to stop by in the villages, step into the humble homes of the locals and observe up, close and personal just how they go about their daily lives. Sit outside the humble mud hut on a charpoy, sipping a glass of chaas (a curd preparation that helps you cool the system), eating a delicious Rajasthani meal and seeing for yourself how the dishes are prepared. It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s an experience you will take back home and cherish for a lifetime.

  • Safari drives in the midst of sand dunes - The wildlife awaits you in Rajasthan and there’s no dearth of animals, birds and fauna in this otherwise hot area of India. As evening descends the air turns crispy cool and you will see for yourself how the orange-hue glow of the sun gives Rajasthan a sublime texture.
  • Spending nights in tents - Under the bright Rajasthani sky, underneath the twinkling stars, in the soft glow of the moonlight, spending a couple of nights (at the very least) in luxury tents is an impressive way of taking back memories of a true-blue Rajasthani holiday.

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