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Madhya Pradesh is known for its wildlife, and it is here you may witness the elusive Tiger. While all the parks have something spectacular to share, whether it is the Majestic Tiger, the mysterious Leopard, the lazy sloth bear or our colourful fine feathered friends, it is still an adventure each drive.


Tracking the ghost:

Spotting snow leopards

Spritiual lands of Ladakh

  • Surrounded by the stillness, a dust of white has washed over the Himalayas, camouflaging all in sight hiding any traces of the elusive creature. You allow the calm and peace of the mountains to numb your excitement, while you keep the turmoil from brimming. Just the whisper of its name makes the heart stumble, watching for any movement. Patience is truly a virtue and a mandatory skill for this mystical land, for up here The Grey Ghost is The Almighty and you are now in its Kingdom. 

  • Other activities to do after acclimatizing oneself:
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  1. Visit Sankar Gompa - This richly painted monastery is revered by many of the tourists and believers who visit it. The Buddhist monastery is walking distance from Leh and is a must visit for its location, the setting it offers and the tranquil atmosphere that it reflects. Set atop a hill, you won’t miss the prayer flags up in the distance beckoning you to the monastery for a truly fruitful trip of a lifetime.
  2. Visit Shanti Stupa - The pristine white stupa overlooking the city of Leh is a symbol of peace, love and purity. The majestic stupa not only offers a spiritual experience but also breath-taking panoramic views of the city below. The mountains, green trees, the little houses and establishments that dot the landscape, the flora, fauna, rich blue skies… if there’s an image of a lifetime you want to carry back home, don’t forget to visit Leh and Ladakh.

  3. Visit the Leh Palace - It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the Leh Palace has a personality of its own. What’s more, depending on what time of day you visit it, it offers tourists something extraordinary, something rich and fulfilling. So, in the daytime, with the golden rays of the sun behind the mountain range, this 17th century palace stands majestically, proud of its heritage, its history, its rich legacy. Come evening, and its swathed in a soft golden glow of lights. Boasting of some of the richest collection in jewellery, dresses, ornaments and paintings, it is one of the best places to visit if you are a fan of traditional Thangka paintings, many of them nearly 450-500 years old.

  4. Try local delicacies - Ah, to gobble down steaming hot momos and dumplings in the crisp winter Ladhakh air. Or to slurp greedily on a bowl of warm thupka, a rich, nourishing stew of veggies and meats served with dumplings… don’t worry if you cannot control your hunger pangs while visiting Ladakh. The air is so cool that feeling hungry is natural and the treks and walks are bound to keep you fit so eating will only serve to give you energy. Enjoy the local dishes that are hygienically prepared to suit your health palate.
  5. Visit the Pangong Tso lake - The journey to this enchanting city is incomplete if you haven’t dipped your feet in the cold and refreshing water of Pangong Tso lake. The water, a colour of pristine blue that seems hard to imagine gets a brown tinge with the clear reflection of the mountains that surround it. An image to last you a lifetime…
  6. Watch out for animals - A trip to Ladhakh, one of the northernmost areas of India, will expose you to a variety of animals: Yak (wild Ox), Nayan, Ibex, Tibetan wolf, Bharal (Himalayan Blue Sheep) and more. Don’t miss.

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