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The drives depart from Jodhpur and, depending on the length of your itinerary, will continue around the circuit to Jaisalmer an

d back, spending nights in either luxury Swiss tents or heritage hotels.
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The beauty, grace and poise of this 'indigo' city -- with a cool blue paint on many of the city's buildings and walls of several houses - is akin to a gorgeous mirage in the middle of the Thar desert.

Must Dos

  • Shop for old antiques, genuine and extraordinary replicas: Shop for antique replicas from some of the best known shops of Jodhpur. We customise this part of the tour so you are taken to the most authentic shops that offer you the best prices in antique items.
  • Visit the Ghanta Garh baazar: Considered one of the largest markets in Jodhpur, Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) bazaar is also one of the oldest markets tucked away in the heart of the city.
  • Walk through Mehrangarh Fort and visit the famous Chamunda Devi temple: One of the largest forts in India, Mehrangarh Fort, an imposing and impressive structure, houses palaces, museum, courtyards, gardens and richly decorated rooms. The Chamunda Mataji Temple, also housed inside the fort’s main area, is also regarded as a place that is revered by the residents and the locals.
  • Enjoy the spicy, local food: The traditional food of Jodhpur, bursting with flavours and spices, is fit for the royals. We take you to some of the landmark destinations that have been serving delicious local food for generations.

Activities in and Around the City

City Tour
Duration: Four-five hours
Nature of the trip: A peek into the cultural and the religious history of Jodhpur
» Mehrangarh Fort: As you walk on the rough and craggy pathway of Mehrangarh Fort, you will find yourself transported back in time. Feel the pulse of history as you run your hand on the walls of this impressive fort structure. One of the best preserved forts in India, this red sandstone citadel is testimony to the valiant struggles fought by the legendary Rathore clan. Interestingly, the fort, which houses many palaces and decorated rooms, has been built for over 500 years with each ruler bringing in his own expertise and architectural influence. So, a visit to the fort shows you an amalgamation of delightful architectural inspirations and fascinating interiors, including decorated private rooms in mirror and inlay work. Don’t miss the museum, also a part of the fort, which has painstakingly preserved some of the finest artefacts, costumes and other items of the royal lineage. Also part of the rich legacy is the revered Chamunda Devi temple, known to fulfil wishes and prayers of those who visit it.
» Ghanta Garh bazaar: One of the busiest market areas of Jodhpur, Ghanta Ghar is actually a clock tower structure around which you feel the hustle bustle of some of the oldest shops in the city, which sell a range of products, from spices to faux jewellery to milk products and more. The journey allows you to capture the essence of the daily life of the local residents and small-time businessmen.

Village Safari
Duration: one day
Nature of the trip: An up, close and personal encounter with the rural tribes living near Jodhpur
At the dawn of the bright Indian sun, we set out in our well-stocked jeeps and drive an hour away from the main city to let you interact with some of the well-known rural tribes of Rajasthan. Bishnois, considered one of the most peace-loving tribes who worship their trees and animals, are one such. The village safari trip will also cover specific villages where the natives are adept in local styles of weaving, block-printing, pottery and more. We encourage you to experience their culture, their way of life, and get inspired by their simplicity.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF)
Duration: Anywhere between one and five days
Nature of this trip: A pure musical extravaganza
Note: The dates of the festival change annually
One of the more popular music festivals in the country, the RIFF festival is now ticked off as a “must attend” event for music connoisseurs. An amalgamation of traditional, contemporary and upcoming music groups, the musical concert, is a confluence of rich sounds that resonates against the magnanimous backdrop of Mehrangarh Fort. Backed by musical stalwarts like Mick Jagger, RIFF is a musical experience that lingers, especially as you watch the performances of some of the finest international talent against the setting Jodhpur sun.

Culinary culture
Duration: 4-5 hours
Nature of the trip: A glimpse into the local culinary flavours of Jodhpur.

To understand a city, bite into it. Learn some of the authentic Rajasthani recipes and prepare them with the help of local residents who cook it old-style, on hot coals in traditional utensils.  Jodhpuri laal maas (red lamb meat, slow cooked to perfection with the local ‘Mathania’ red chilli-garlic mix), bajre ki roti (millet bread), kachoris… savour the taste of Jodhpur. 

Jodhpur International Kite Flying Festival
Duration: 3-4 hours approximately
Nature of the trip: Fun, colourful and cultural glimpse into the art of kite flying

Note: The dates for the festival change annually

Flying against the majestic blue skies, the Jodhpur International Kite Flying Festival is an international competition, which attracts kiting enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world to showcase their talent. An array of bright, colourful kites in amazing designs will definitely capture your attention.

Horse Riding
Duration: One day
Nature of the trip: Learning all about the Marwari Horse and exploring the villages around Jodhpur on horsebacks
The original breed from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, the Marwari Horse is a breed that personifies elegance, intelligence, agility and strength. You can explore the nearby villages of Jodhpur on horsebacks, galloping and trotting through arid land, dirt tracks and lanes of these settlements.

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