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Jamtara Wilderness

Pench AccommodationPench AccommodationPench AccommodationPench AccommodationPench AccommodationPench AccommodationPench Accommodation


Situated in the Village of Jamtara, near Pench National Park, Jamtara Wilderness Lodge is a 12 luxury tented property in the heart of rural Pench. Surrounded by tall Arjuna Trees and an ancient Banyan rooted on a dry riverbed, each tented room overlooks the forest which set the perfect background to this jungle experience.

Each luxury tent is designed to feel light and open, allowing guests the optimum view of nature. With the option of rolling up the front panels of the tent, the guests can bring the outside in but still being in the privacy of their own rooms. Although, these are tented rooms, the bathroom has been made into a permanent structure for the comfort of the guests.

While many may sleep inside the tent, some may feel a little more connected with nature and have the option of sleeping outside on their patio. Mosquito netting will keep the bugs away, quilts and hot water bottles will keep the cold away.

Since we also believe in supporting the community of our lodge, a “Machaan” night can be booked while generating revenue for the farmers. Here the concept is sleeping under the stars, just like the villagers. These Machaans are built on the land of the farmers and an amount of the night’s rate will be paid to the farmer. Sleeping up high on stilts will allow you to watch the sky and everything below. You never know what walks through the farms at night.

After an eventful night, safaris are booked according to the guest’s preferences along with a wake-up call if needed. During the day guests are occupied with the safaris, but if they choose to stay back, a visit to village can be arranged. Specializing in producing jaggery, just walking through this village and witnessing how the village gathers around enormous pots of boiling sugar, taking turns churning the sugarcane juice into unrefined sugar is a very unique experience.

If a relaxing day is required, our lodge has many different areas for guests to lounge around and read a book. With a cozy library, sometimes all one needs is lie in and a good read in a big comfy couch.

Jamtara Wilderness Lodge concentrates on bringing guests back to nature in a very simple way, using our surroundings and our community, we want our guests to leave with a unique experience and remember Jamtara and its people.
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