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Back to the Wild : Wildlife
South India has ample safari options, allowing for motor boat safaris where you can see the wonderful water birds,or the crocodiles,Wild Elephants bathing or swimming.
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The state of Madhya Pradesh, inarguably the richest in natural flora, fauna, and boasting of wildlife, is home to Satpura, a quaint, very low key national park, which offers the advantage of richer, more abundant experiences in wildlife. Take your time, pause, feel at home in the wilderness and soak in the treasures of the wild.

Must Dos

  • Visit Satpura National Park for wildlife sighting and explore the place by going on game drives by jeeps or even elephants.
  • Indulge in a boat ride and let your eyes gaze at the brilliant forest .
  • For a different experience, try exploring the jungles of Satpura by taking elephant rides, Wildlife photography enthusiasts can get some of the best angles to shoot tigers, deer, leopards and many other wild animals in this reserve.
  • Wake up at the crack of dawn and take a guided tour to listen to a variety of bird calls. Bird gazing is done best in the early hours of dawn.

Activities in and Around the City

Jeep safaris tours
½ day (recommended stay is 2 nights)
To explore the wildlife while indulging in “trigger” happy moments captured in the camera
Jeep safaris in Satpura National Park are done by 4 x 4 jeeps, very similar to other parks, but if you observe closely, this park has a lot to offer. Not just the wild animals, Satpura’s rich environment boasts of a variety of trees, herbs and shrubs including those with medicinal properties. It’s no surprise then that the forest is sweet-smelling, rich in its landscape with remarkable offerings and views.

Guided walking tours
1 - 2 hours
A walk through the thick forests of Satpura National Park to get unprecedented views of birds and the wildlife surrounding it.
There’s nothing more pure than to breathe in the rich and clean earthy smell of the forest with all the trees, damp and dried leaves on the ground. Our naturalist guides you on foot to take a closer view of the forest, complete with sal, bamboo and teak trees and get first-hand knowledge of the foliage that have provided thick cover to its inhabitants for several decades, even eras. Be assured to hear the sonorous bird calls, spotted deer, wild dogs and even sloth bears.

Boat Safari
3 - 4 hours

To indulge in a humble boat ride along the Tewa lake to get closer to the water birds inhabiting Satpura

There’s nothing better than to be one with the river while gazing around to look at the forest. Think about it: on a late afternoon when your boat gently glides through the river that is surrounded by the Satpura National Park, and you watch the evening sunrays falling on the water, the effect is mystical. The designated guided boat ride is safe even as you spot, from a distance, a variety of water birds, Mugger crocodiles (on the shoreline) and a herd of deer that come to the waterfront to quench their thirst. Don’t forget to capture the moments in your camera. The reflective image of the herd of deer in the water is particularly fascinating for any photographer.

Bird Walks
1-2 hours
A walk through designated paths to observe more closely the birds of Satpura.
A guided walk taking you around to see the different birds of Satpura, including some endangered and near-threatened ones such as black-headed ibis, Indian vultures, river lapwing, Malabar Pied Hornbill, to name just a few.

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