Heritage & Design

A beautiful Indian safair lodge with 18 sensitively appointed private village style kothis - each with its own courtyard, private pool and forest views.

Aramness Gir is Jimmy’s vision for a lodge that encapsulates the essence of Gujarat.

It’s the birth of a new Indian safari experience, a village style lodge entrenched in the local culture, designed with authenticity and luxury in equal measure and a wildlife experience that rewrites the script.

Inspired by the charm of Gujarat villages, their design balances the scales between traditional influence and elegant simplicity. Conceptualised and designed by Nicholas Plewman Architectsand Fox Browne Creative, the lodge design takes its inspiration from the characteristic localvillage, Haripur, with its central cobbled streets fringed with courtyard homes (kothis).

Our guests come together in and around the haveli, traditionally a manor house or mansion with historical significance, that has a large central courtyard authentic to Gujarat homes.

Guests staying at Aramness Gir have several choices of how they wish to spend their day.

Think sunrise game drives into the park, jungle walks in the teak forest, visiting a Maldhari family in their home, sampling our delicious Gujarati food, relaxing in our spa, burning energy in the gym or even better, doing as little as possible whilst soaking up the natural beauty of the park as well as the lodge surroundings.