Once In A Lifetime

For many people, a customized journey to India is already the trip of a lifetime. But some people look for that little bit extra, where the sky is the limit and imagination knows no bounds.

They may not have it all mapped out — but they are absolutely certain that they want to shape their own story. A story which remains with them for the rest of their lives.

At Encounters Asia

We seek clients who push us to create extraordinary experiences, which test our knowledge and we tap into our network of experts, to put together the trip of a lifetime.

Trips like the Quest for the Snow Leopard and Kumbh Mela are already transformational journeys, but allow us to take it a few steps further and customize them entirely for you and your fellow travellers.

Imagine… a hot air balloon ride over a remote village, or a candle-lit dinner set up for you and your friends in the midst of the sand-dunes, and then top it all off with a Bollywood dance crew to bring the night to life. A historic fortress which has thousands of visitors in the day time, closes its doors to everyone else, so that you can have it exclusively for yourself and your fellow-travellers, as the curator shows you around.

India is full of magical locations and inspiring experiences which remain untouched due to a lack of accommodation.

Imagine a bespoke luxury camp, pitched in a romantic settings, to encounter an experience unlike any other.

From exploring the desert on horseback, to bespoke camping, engaging with fascinating souls like monks, conservationists, historians and sadhus, to private jet journeys and behind-the-scenes Bollywood experiences, let your imagination take over and leave the rest to us.

No request is too outrageous. Encounters Asia’s guests enjoy an unparalleled degree of access that creates the ultimate dream trip in India.

Give us a sense of what your client enjoys, where they’ve been before, and their dream bucket-list and we will create an itinerary that elevates their experience to the next level.