Art therapy to sound healing, Vedic mantras to Buddhist chants, expand your body, mind and soul.

In India, healing is holistic. Massage, meditation, movement and mysticism all play a role in enhancing your wellbeing.

South India is ideal to begin exploring India from a wellness point of view.

A place like Shreyas Yoga Retreat is a great place to start. What we love about Shreyas are the expertly guided introductions to yoga, naturopathy, ayurveda and detox. Secluded amid serene environs, it’s still within easy reach of Bangalore’s urban attractions, yet it’s a jumping off spot to the untouched rainforests in the Nilgiri biosphere. Coorg, in the Nilgiri region, is ideal for a rejuvenating spa break and immersion in nature.

Take a stroll along a forest trail or zen out at a tranquil spot, when you stay at properties like the Taj Madikeri or Tamara.

Head south into Kerala, a sliver of a state, bordering the Arabian Sea.

Ayurveda is rooted in Kerala, and is where you can experience it at its best. Swaying palms, quiet backwaters, and long stretches of sandy beach add to the restful feeling. Retreats like CGH Earth’s Kalari Rasayana and Neeleshwar Hermitage offer authentic ayurveda and yoga experiences, in barefoot luxury environs close to the water’s edge.

Head up the southwest coast a short distance. Tucked into the Western Ghats, where the mountains meet the sea, CGH Earth’s Svasvaara in Gokarna on the Karwar Coast is one of our favourite places for a complete digital detox and unwind. Yoga, art therapy, naturopathy and healthy eating leave you feeling fresh and revitalized.

The Himalayas have always been known for their power to heal mind, body and soul.

Ananda in the Himalayas and the Vana Malsi Estate are well-known centres offering holistic wellbeing experiences, but in two very different environments. Ananda’s old world palatial charm infuses heritage with wellbeing, while Vana is much more contemporary, infusing natural elements and textures into the estate, and offers guests an opportunity to experience an array of traditional and unconventional therapies amid pristine environs.

But the beautiful thing about India is that you don’t have to go to a spa to unwind and reset.

There are endless possibilities for wellbeing and mindfulness in several pockets of the country. Forests like Satpura and Panna, oases like Shahpura and Udaipur, tea estates in the mountainous regions of Kerala and West Bengal, and peaceful lakes and valleys in Ladakh are idyllic for yoga and meditation retreats, chanting circles and creative immersions.

Infuse a touch of creativity and spirituality into your wellness experience. Engage with monks in their monasteries, visit temples and discourse with priests in, or discuss the philosophy of yoga with a learned guru.

In India, healing is not just about medicine, it’s a way of life. A journey across India with us will soothe your spirit and soul, and put you on the path to infinite wellbeing.