Authentic. Vivid. Inspiring. India is a photographer’s playground.

If you look at the Indian landscape through a lens of discernment, you’ll find that multiple dimensions add depth and texture to every capture.

The country lends itself to the art, and the diverse beauty of the subcontinent creates a fitting backdrop for faces, festivals, architecture, wildlife, and the sheer serendipity that you encounter en route.

Sunrise over the Himalayas, or post-monsoon skies over the Malabar coast, depending on the time of year, the light is simply spectacular.

The beauty of India is that there’s a photo-op around every corner. Whether it’s the swirling skirts of Kalbelia folk-dancers against the backdrop of sand-dunes in Rajasthan, the toothy smiles of kids amid the green and yellow mustard fields in Kumaon, lurid demon masks at the Theyyam Festival in Kerala, or the rippling reflection of an oil-lamp in the water, as a saffron-robed priest strikes a match on the ghats in Varanasi, there’s never a dull moment.

We are passionate photographers ourselves.

Our team spends hours on the ground, finding the best locations, vivid experiences, and the best times of year to capture fascinating subjects in the right light.

Our seasoned experts share their own experience, honed over several years, to guide you to capture the destination at its best, and we work with several eminent photographers like Art Wolf and Jimmy Nelson regularly.

Whether it’s a roti-twirling chef in Delhi, a martial-arts expert in Kerala, a tea-plucker in Darjeeling, a cycle-rickshaw driver in Kolkatta, the warm personality and creativity flows through every facet of the country. Indians love to demonstrate their flair and prowess, which lend themselves to every photograph.

Cultural festivals and traditions are some of our favourite fodder.

Imaginative costumes, elaborate masks, and high drama are all part of the spectacle. Events like the Kumbh Mela in North India, are once in a lifetime events that transform your perception completely. Likewise, the Lamayuru tsechu in Ladakh, or the World Sacred Spirit Festival in Jodhpur, are bursting with captivating imagery.

India’s tribal folk are beautiful subjects for photographers. The fist-sized nose-ring of the Dhaneta Jat in Gujarat, or the enormous feathered headgear of the Nagas in the North-East — you’ll only find these in India. Each tribe upholds its traditions with immense pride, and annual gatherings like the Hornbill Festival are a terrific opportunity to see them in action. Regions like Kutch in Gujarat offer a wonderful opportunity to engage with nomadic tribes at close quarters. Tribals usually inhabit areas that are remote and immensely picturesque. Photographing them against the natural beauty of the landscape, only makes each image more compelling.

In general, nature and wildlife in India lends itself beautifully to photography. Born and brought up in the jungle, it is second nature to us.

What you focus on is ultimately up to you, but the truth is that one trip is never enough. One can return to India over and over, and it will captivate you, every single time.