Bera Safari Lodge

Untamed & Unique

Bera Safari Lodge is an intimate hideaway. Situated on 10 acres of land, on the outskirts of Kothar Village, it is a tiny jewel in rural Rajasthan.

The five cottages are spacious and stylish, each featuring a private sit-out.

One can often see leopards stealthily making their way down Liloda Hill from the large picture windows.

Flooded with natural light, the cottages are designed in such a way that they open out onto gorgeous natural vistas.

With a location almost adjacent to the Jawai reservoir, a popular roost for migratory birds, one can easily observe several species of avians from the lodge itself. The owners are ardent conservationists and work closely with the local community to protect the leopards of Jawai, and other wildlife that is native to this region of western Rajasthan.