Chanoud Garh

Chic & Boutique

What happens when you take a three hundred year old fortress in the heart of Rajasthan and give it a makeover? You get a jewel of a hotel like Chanoudgarh.

Mewar, Marwar and Victorian era architecture come together to create 10 spacious suites, which are lovingly decorated with antiques and beautiful furniture.

Ancient heirlooms, art and furniture are enhanced by modern conveniences, en-suite bathrooms and a private lounge.

Thakurani Sahiba Marudhar Kumari, who is a member of the family of Chanoud, personally oversees the kitchen and takes care to ensure that each dish is prepared with care.

Inspired by flavours from Central and Western India, all the ingredients are locally sourced from the Chanoud family’s organic farms. A stay at Chanoudgarh takes you back in time to the romance of old world Rajputana.