Fringe Ford

Eclectic & Experiential

Fringe Ford is a digital detox. No television. No internet. It’s for the kind of soul who likes long lazy days spent in the lap of nature. Long country walks, and even longer sleep-ins or soft, comfy beds — that’s the lifestyle at Fringe Ford.

Old-fashioned local cooking is taken to a new level here. The chefs not only use fresh local produce, but will actually go foraging into the forest to bring you wild herbs and edible plants that are used in the cuisine.

Situated in the midst of the forest in the Nilgiri Biosphere, this wilderness hideaway is a true gem. The blue mountains surround you and you’ll find hidden lagoons and cascading waterfalls just around the corner.

Take intrepid walks with your wilderness guide as you discover the incredible flora and fauna that surrounds you.

From elephants to birds, wild flowers and more, the ecosystem is overflowing with amazing things to discover. At the end of the day, Fringe Ford is about taking it slow and getting back to nature (without sacrificing your comfort) — slow cooking, slow living, slow travel.