Eclectic & Experiential

Mihirgarh is a proud bastion of Rajput culture and heritage. This majestic fortress rises up out of the Thar desert, to dominate the landscape.

With just nine suites, each topping out at over 1700 square feet with personal plunge pools and jacuzzis, the sense of personal space and privacy is unrivalled.

Mihirgarh’s owners are keen equestrians and for those who have a passion for horses, this hotel is a must.

After a ride out over the sand-dunes, come home to dip in the cool infinity pool, or enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa.

This property has a strong eco-friendly focus, and proactively uses sustainable methods of construction and operations, to minimize its carbon footprint. If you’re looking for authentic luxury and Rajput hospitality, then look no further — Mihirgarh is just the place.