Samode Haveli

Heritage & Design

Samode Haveli is a 225 year old royal residence. Beautifully restored, it is now a boutique hotel, situated in Jaipur.

Much of the original opulence has been retained, and the Indo-Saracenic style is full of old world character.

The rooms are tastefully appointed, and feature spacious balconies and courtyards which overlook the fountains, gardens and waterbodies across the estate. Indulge in delicious cuisine or relax at the spa.

Dining at Samode Haveli is a wonderful experience. A variety of indoor and outdoor locations lend themselves to the ambience.

Delicious food and discreet service enhance one’s stay. The property is full of romance and whimsy, which inspires a sense of wonder. For old world grandeur and true Rajput hospitality, a stay at Samode Haveli is a must.