Shahpura Bagh

Heritage & Design

Shahpura Bagh is an intimate summer palace. Situated on a wooded estate, on the banks of a magnificent oasis in southern Rajasthan, Shahpura Bagh is all inspired luxury.

Beautifully restored, using eco-friendly techniques which employed local craftsmen, the buildings are surrounded by lush fields from where most of the ingredients for the kitchen are sourced.

The interiors are furnished with antique furniture, magnificent chandeliers, and objets d’art. Evenings are spent in the art deco living room listening to jazz, while your lively hosts regale you with stories of the past.

One of the highlights of the property is the gorgeous, temperature-controlled swimming pool that is set amid lush gardens. The staff is local, and very well trained by the owners.

They are attentive yet discreet, and happy to accommodate your every need. The property has its own nature trails for lovely walks and bike rides along the lake. The team also arranges for several experiences in the neighbouring villages, at their family orchards, and at their magnificent family fortress, Fort Dhikola. From sundowners at the top of the turrets to dramatic dinners with a thousand candles — the setting is simply magical at this 400 year old fortress. If you’re looking for the luxury of experience, then look no further that Shahpura Bagh.