Tree House Hideaway

Untamed & Unique

The Tree House Hideaway infuses a contemporary touch into traditional jungle living. Each “treehouse” is designed to include earthy tones, eco-friendly essentials, well-appointed bathrooms, air conditioning, 100% power back up and more.

Softer conveniences like a minibar, mosquito netting, and loungers on the balconies create a sense of coziness.

The five hideaways are named for the trees in which they are situated, and each one is made using regularised wood by local craftsmen.

The common area is built around a hundred year old Mahua Tree. The ground level has a cozy dining room while the upper level has a relaxed bar and lounge called “The Watering Hole”.

This lodge also has its own machaan, overlooking a waterbody that is frequented regularly by wild animals. If you’re looking for an earthy getaway with rustic charm, The Treehouse Hideaway is a great choice.