Once In A Lifetime

As true travellers know, Nepal has always been the ultimate destination to feed the adventurous soul.

But beyond the majestic mountain peaks, the trekking trails, wild jungles and the kingdoms of Kathmandu, Patan and Bakhtpur, Encounters Asia creates once in a lifetime experiences in this Himalayan kingdom that are simply magical.

Helicopter and Private Plane Tours

One of the most luxurious and amazing ways to visit the less accessible parts of Nepal is by helicopter or private plane. Encounters Asia can arrange for private helicopter and small plane trips over the Himalayan range.

As your pilot circles over snow-capped peaks, the views will take your breath away.

From a fabulous picnic breakfast overlooking Mount Everest, to visiting the gorgeous shores of remote Rara Lake, or even jetting over to Annapurna Base Camp for jaw-dropping views of the Annapurna Massif, or simply an aerial tour over some of the finest peaks near Kathmandu, our helicopter expeditions give you fantastic insights and views of the Himalayas, that you would never see otherwise.

Happy House

Amid bronze figurines of the demon goddess, Kali, sunken leather arm-chairs, old-world lampshades and murals of dragons breathing smoke, is a home away from home. Happy House lives up to its name. There’s an indescribable feeling of being that uplifts your soul, the minute you step over the threshold.

Once upon a time, it was a layover for Edmund Hillary, when he would return from his Himalayan expeditions.

But for us, Happy Home is a destination in itself. A large part of the joy is in the journey. You take a helicopter from Kathmandu, across the snowcaps and forests, to arrive in Phaplu, a tiny hamlet, where all roads lead to Everest, where prayers flags flutter and pine trees sway in the wind. Happy House was originally constructed by the flamboyant Italian count, Guido Monzino, on land which belonged to his Sherpa climbing companion, Rinzi Pasang Lama.

In the mid-90s, the region was the heart of a bloody civil war. Lama and his family fled and sought asylum in the USA.

While the family was living abroad, Happy House was left in the care of a German film-maker who used it as the set of his film, and kept its spirit intact. In 2017, Lama and his son, Ang Tshering, returned to Happy House, and it has since become a destination unto itself — as well as a terrific jumping off spot for expeditions and experiences in the mountains.

Whether it’s helicopter trips into remote regions of the Himalayas, breakfast on a mountain peak, or a soothing yoga and meditation session with singing bowls,

Happy House is that happy place where one goes to recalibrate one’s mind, body and spirit back to optimal equilibrium.

Encounters Asia’s once in a lifetime moments in Nepal are all about experiential luxury. They elevate your journey with local interaction, sacred customs, rare sights and unusual insights that go beyond the ordinary.

Explore the hidden secrets of the Himalayan kingdom with us on a once in a lifetime trip to Nepal.