What’s the song and dance all about? In Bhutan, it’s usually the celebration of a local festival! Vivid and charismatic, these events are high drama, full of colour, culture, myths and legends that go back centuries.

Participating in one of these spirited celebrations is a once in a lifetime experience, where you will find hundreds of Bhutanese gathering together in traditional costume, playing ethnic musical instruments, and dancing euphorically to folk songs.

Every festival tells a story, in lurid detail. Masked dancers and costumed performers parade around dressed as dragons, shamans and jesters, rousing the crowd into a frenzy of cheer and a carnivalesque spirit.

While some festivals are an outpouring of gratitude for Bhutan’s natural bounty, others are a tribute to ancestors and gurus who pioneered Buddhist beliefs and concepts in Bhutan. These festivals are fantastic for those who have a passion for photography, are inspired by cultural discovery, and enjoy learning about unusual customs and traditions.

From the Black-necked Crane Festival in Probjikha to the Tsechu in Paro, discover the fun-loving spirit of Bhutan in living colour up close and personal, seamlessly arranged by the Encounters Asia team.