Once in a Lifetime

Mystical and alluring, Bhutan is a trip unlike any other. But for those travellers who are looking for that extra special moment, Encounters Asia can curate a once in a lifetime journey that takes your breath away.

Bhutan is full of ancient nunneries and monasteries, where monks and nuns immerse themselves in the study of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Discover the roots of ancient lama traditions and the wisdom behind them, as you engage in conversation with learned scholars and spiritual practitioners. For a truly transformational moment, Encounters Asia can arrange for a thousand lamp blessing just for you and your fellow travelers, an experience that touches your soul on the deepest level.

If you would like to explore Bhutan in depth, but have a time crunch or traveling by car leaves you uninspired, then ask Encounters Asia about our private journeys by helicopter.

If you’re a photographer and want to discover a hidden side to Bhutan, where regular access is limited, then there’s no better way.

Discover secret valleys, high mountain passes, and gorgeous natural landscapes.

Learn more about the local culture and Buddhist wisdom at remote monasteries, that are off-the-beaten path. Hike down untouched trails and explore far-flung forests, rich in biodiversity. Don’t miss fantastic events like the crane migration, a gong concert, or a tsechu at a remote monastery.